Please read these terms and conditions before entering the SABIC CIRCUL-A-THONTM Creativity Challenge Contest (the "Contest").  By entering and participating in the Contest as a “Participant”, you (or, if you are a minor/below the age of majority in your place of residence, your parent or legal guardian on your behalf) agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and represent that you satisfy all of the eligibility requirements set forth below.

This Contest is worldwide and open to participants from all countries except those that are on the US sanctions list or otherwise prohibited from participating (the "Eligible Jurisdictions") and entries originating from any other jurisdiction are not eligible for entry.


  1. Administration and Sponsorship.  The SABIC CIRCUL-A-THONTM Creativity Challenge is a design competition, including awards, related events and media.  The “Administrator” is Plug & Play, LLC, and the “Sponsor” is SABIC Innovative Plastics US LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.  Questions in all matters should be referred directly to SABIC CIRCUL-A-THONTM Creativity Challenge, 2500 CityWest Blvd STE 100, Houston, TX, 77042, or by email via the SABIC CIRCUL-A-THONTM [contact form].
  2. How to Enter.  The SABIC CIRCUL-A-THONTM Creativity Challenge is intended to identify innovative product designs that utilize plastic materials and enable reuse and/or facilitate recycling throughout the lifecycle of the product.  Designs are tools that enhance the quality of life.  They are modern designs that are produced, or conceived to be produced, in large quantities.  They are not fine art, one-off installations, cultural or craft projects.  

The SABIC CIRCUL-A-THONTM Creativity Challenge will award prizes in four categories: 


  • Packaging
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Hygiene & Healthcare, and
  • Automotive and Transportation

During the Contest Period (defined below), participants must provide a Submission (defined below) that meets certain requirements, in one of the four categories.  


  1. Who may Enter.  The Contest is open to all designers and students of design except employees of Administrator or Sponsor, their families, agents or anyone professionally connected with the Contest.  Participants may enter any award category if their work fits into that category’s description.  Students may only participate in the SABIC CIRCUL-A-THONTM Student award category.  Each participant may enter as many projects as they wish, upon completion of registration.  Entries may be submitted by individuals, companies, organizations, teams, and the like.  Entries generated by computer (e.g., directed AI) will be accepted.

The contest has two categories for entry: Professional Designer and Student Designer.  The Professional Designer category includes anyone who works for value as a designer generating works for hire.  The Student Designer category is eligible for those enrolled in an accredited undergraduate or postgraduate design related degree course as of the date of entry.


  1. Submissions.  All entry information, including First Name, Surname, Email, Company, Job Title, Country and depictions of the submission shall be collectively referred to herein as the "Submissions" or each as a "Submission."  By entering at [Link], each participant warrants and represents the following with respect to participant's Submission: (a) Submissions shall be the participant’s own work; (b) participant is the sole and exclusive sponsor of the Submission, or otherwise controls all of the rights to the Submission and participant has all appropriate rights, powers and authority to grant Sponsor all licenses to the Submission as set forth herein; (c) the Submission will not infringe any intellectual property rights, including copyright, right of privacy, right of publicity or personality or any other right whatsoever of any third party; and (d) will not cause injury to any person or entity. 
  2. To be considered, Submissions must be entered at on or before April 10th, 2023 (“Contest Period”).  All submissions should be renderings of digital design models.  Submission should include a maximum of six (6) different views.  Submission should include a design statement telling the story of the design in the context of the theme and in concert with the images.  Submissions must be made on or before April 10th, 2023.  A Submission must be made only using the on-line Submission page at  Participants should complete all fields on the Submission page in order to submit their design entry and will receive an automated mail confirming receipt.

Upon registration for the contest, participant submits personal data for the purpose of contest administration. This personal data is used to contact the participant by email, text and phone for matters regarding their entry, deadlines, awards and competition news.   If the participant, upon subscription, consented to being contacted for advertising and promotional purposes, the participant may unsubscribe at any time via the link provided in the promotional e-mail. If the participant consented to the publishing of information regarding the contest that may involve participant personal data (such as winner details or pictures), the consent may be withdrawn at any time.  Upon withdrawal, SABIC shall not publish any new content.  Any published content shall not be removed upon withdrawal.  The participant may request deletion of such content or personal data by exercising its privacy rights as set forth in SABIC’s Privacy Notice, available at 


  1. Benefits and Awards.  The following list benefits and awards available by participating in the Contest.

Awards.  In a first phase, for each of the four design categories, Sponsor will award each of one Professional participant and one Student participant $5,000 USD.  In a second phase, Sponsor will award one Professional participant and one Student participant an additional $5,000 USD, irrespective of the category of their entry.  Along with all finalists, winners will have had their work seen and judged by world leaders in design.  In the event of unforeseen circumstances Sponsor reserves the right to substitute the prizes for alternatives of equal or greater value.  

Publicity.  Administrator and/or Sponsor may publish information regarding the Contest, as well as any Submission, for purposes of informing the public about the Contest, unless Participant has requested, in writing, its desire to be removed from publication.

Commercial Development Opportunity.  Sponsor may work with the participant to enter into a development agreement with one or both Sponsor and an end-use customer of Sponsor.  


  1. Selection of Winners.  A multi-disciplinary jury of experts is selected by Administrator and Sponsor.  This independent jury chooses winners in a first phase and a second phase.  The jury is not required to justify or comment upon its decisions.  Participant shall not correspond with members of the independent jury. Not every entry category will necessarily have a winner.  The jury’s decisions are private and kept confidential for purposes administrating selections.  The decision of the jury is final.

Winning Submissions will be judged based on 1) how well they incorporate innovative material technologies, especially recycled Sponsor materials, and 2) how well they enable reuse and/or recyclability throughout their life cycles.


  1. Contest Limitations.  No participant may win more than one prize in any phase.  No incomplete, illegible or corrupted entries or those not received via the entry Submission page will be accepted.  No responsibility is accepted for entries lost, damaged or delayed as a result of network, computer hardware or software failures of any kind.  Proof of sending is not proof of receipt.  Neither Administrator nor Sponsor will be responsible for (a) any late, lost, misrouted, garbled or distorted, inaccurate, incomplete or damaged transmissions or entries; (b) telephone, electronic, hardware, software, network, Internet, or other computer or communications-related malfunctions or failures; (c) any Contest disruptions, injuries, losses or damages caused by events beyond the control of Administrator or Sponsor; or (d) any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with the Contest.
  2. Ownership of Submissions.  Submissions shall remain the intellectual property of the participants.  All participant copyrighted images and trademarks appearing on any Administrator or Sponsor website are the property of their respective rights-holders and sponsors, and used by Administrator or Sponsor under license for reference purposes only.  

By entering a Submission in the Contest, you and your company or organization agree to grant and hereby grant a non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, sublicensable, transferable, perpetual license to Sponsor for the use of your name, design, representations of the design, as well as any associated trademarks, in any media, anywhere in the world, without compensation or credit, for promotional reasons and publicity, as well as Sponsor research and development.


  1. Disclaimer.  By entering the Contest, participants release Administrator, Sponsor, Jury participants and their respective affiliates, agents, directors, officers, employees, volunteers, families and shareholders from liability of any kind, excluding liability for willful misconduct, relating to the Contest, whether said liability stems from any breach of contract or duty, or loss of goodwill or financial income suffered by the Participant, and from any damages, including consequential, punitive, incidental, exemplary or special damages, or costs.

Participant shall indemnify and hold Administrator, Sponsor or their affiliates, and their respective directors, employees and agents harmless from any and all damages, liabilities, claims, suits, actions, demands, costs and expenses (including legal costs) brought against, or incurred by, Administrator, Sponsor or their affiliates or their respective directors, employees and agents in any jurisdiction and which arise out of, or in connection with, a claim or proceeding resulting from the materials submitted, including those alleging that the Submission infringes any intellectual property rights or any other rights of any third party.  Participant shall not assert any of its intellectual property rights against Administrator, Sponsor or their affiliates or customers worldwide in connection with the use of a submission as permitted hereunder.


  1. Disputes.  These terms and conditions and all relationships arising out of or related thereto, shall be exclusively governed by the substantive laws of Texas, excluding any conflict of law provisions.   Any dispute hereunder that has not been resolved by agreement of the Parties within fifteen (15) calendar days of commencing negotiations shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas.  EACH PARTY HERETO WAIVES ITS RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL WITH RESPECT TO ANY ACTION OR CLAIM ARISING OUT OF ANY LITIGATION OR DISPUTE DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY ARISING OUT OF, UNDER OR IN CONNECTION WITH THIS AGREEMENT, ANY RIGHTS OR OBLIGATIONS HEREUNDER OR THE PERFORMANCE OF ANY SUCH RIGHTS OR OBLIGATIONS.
  2. Should any of the above provisions be rendered ineffective in whole or in part, all other provisions shall remain effective.  Terms that differ from these Terms and Conditions shall not apply without prior written consent of the Sponsor.  All published data is subject to change.


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